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Antique Egyptian Ankh cross of life amulet with pink tourmaline LEIA&CO

Antique Egyptian Ankh cross of life amulet with pink tourmaline LEIA&CO

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Egyptian cross of life Ankh amulet in aged brass and pink tourmaline, by LEIA&CO

Entirely handmade, unique piece.

This handcrafted Ankh cross-shaped pendant is made of patinated brass for an antique effect, entirely handmade. Made using the Delft clay casting technique from a hand-made model.

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Entirely handmade, created and manufactured in France.

Sold with an antique bronze-colored plated metal chain (ferrous alloy).

This mythological cross will make a perfect gift for a lover of artisanal jewelry and Egyptian mythology. It suits both men and women perfectly.

Materials: brass, tourmaline, plated steel (chain)

Also called Ankh, cross of life or cross with handles, the Egyptian cross symbolizes the divine gift of eternal life. It is the symbol of eternal life, of immortality.

Pink tourmaline (or rubellite): according to an Egyptian legend, tourmalines are stones that left the center of the Earth for a long journey, crossing a rainbow.

In lithotherapy, pink tourmaline (rubellite) symbolizes calming and honesty. It would provide support and emotional relief, especially for old emotional wounds. It would help to destroy destructive patterns, and to temper excessive emotions, and to understand their causes.
Rubellite calms thoughts, especially those about oneself, and thus helps to regain confidence and self-esteem. It is therefore a perfect complement to black tourmaline to dissolve worry and put an end to obsessive behavior.
Linked to the heart chakra, it would provide gentle and soothing energy, stimulate compassionate abilities and help release energy blockages. It would be very beneficial for maternal relationships.
(for informational purposes only)

Like any jewelry, take care of it, avoiding storing it in a damp room. It is recommended not to wash with it.

This piece of jewelry is entirely handmade and unique. You support a small French business by purchasing it, as well as making someone special happy.

Come and discover the world of Leia & Co, a small French artisanal company, manufacturer of unique and handmade jewelry.
Leia & Co is present on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and on the website


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